Concrete Seal Coating Service in Birmingham, AL

Flooring is one of the most important parts of any home or business. The design, material, and maintenance of your floors can add value, beauty, and functionality to your space. Concrete seal coating ensures that your concrete floors receive the best protection possible, and a concrete seal coating service can make that happen. Contact Clean Slate in Birmingham, AL, today for commercial and residential concrete seal coating.

Concrete Seal Coating Service

Sealants protect concrete from damage to the surface, including stains. Sealants give concrete an impermeable top layer, which blocks any material (even water) from seeping into the pores or cracks in a slab.

At Clean Slate, we never skimp on quality for our materials and services. These quality materials, paired with our experience and service, give your concrete the best protection around.

Benefits of Concrete Seal Coating

Concrete seal coating protects your concrete and offers a number of benefits. When you use our services, you’ll see those benefits and experience the results, including:

  • Prevents oil and gas stains: With a protective sealant in place, you’ll see fewer stains in your concrete, even from notable offenders like oil and gas.
  • Slower water penetration: Seal coatings even protect against lesser offenders like water. Water can’t seep into cracks or create other problems.
  • Better shine and finished look: A seal coating gives your flooring a beautiful finished look and helps your concrete shine.
  • Easier cleaning and maintenance: With a smooth surface from a quality seal coating, your floors will be easier to clean and require less maintenance.
  • Longer concrete lifespan: With fewer stains, less water damage, and easier cleaning, your concrete will endure even longer, which makes it a cost-effective option.

Concrete seal coating protects your flooring and the investment you put into your home. Call us today at (205) 368-2529 to schedule a service.